Full Circle : Finders respond

July 9, 2016

"These are my friends. They mean everything to me"

photo by Elbel

For three years now, I've been stockpiling images and short videos in a file full of pictures of my friends. It's on google drive in a massive digital pile and I've never really looked all the way through it, When I graduate high school this year I think I'll go to a Costco and print them all out so I can put them in a scrapbook that will hopefully never be opened, except to add to it. I put them all there just in case I ever get really down. It's a fail- safe I suppose. Hopefully, it'll only ever be used to laugh and reminisce.

Every time I open it, it's sappy, but I really can't help but smile. My friends are all the best. They're a group of the most entertaining and adorable nerds and the best times of my life have been with these guys, surviving high school one grin and bad pun at a time....

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