Full Circle : Finders respond

July 16, 2016

My heart sings when I find wee bottles inviting me to be a finder, when I witness kindness, when I sit in nature, when I listen to my deep, wild self, when I dance, when I run, when I yoga, when I mother and when I take the time to just be.

It would be hard to say the most magical thing : I've had a magical life. From communing with trees as a child, to knowing an angel was with me once, to falling in love on an airplane, to being guided by the universe to my current home to being honored with motherhood - how can one choose one magical thing? Finding this bottle was pretty magical.

I hope that I contribute to the well of human harmony when I take the time to know myself, choosing consciousness over habit, working to come from my highest, truest self. As well, I share the practice of yoga with youth at risk and the incarcerated, in the hope that this will be...

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